Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Is there a relationship between asthma and dental caries? A critical review of the literature

Resident: Suhyun Rue, DMD                                                                Date: 01/03/2018
Article Title: Is there a relationship between asthma and dental caries?
Author(s): Gerardo Maupomé, BDS, MSc, PhD; Jay D. Shulman, DMD, MA, MSPH; Carlo Eduardo Medina-Solis, BDS, MC; Oyebola Ladeinde, BDS, MS
Journal: The Journal of American Dental Association
Date: September 2010
Major TopicAn association between dental caries and the experience and severity of asthma.
Type of Article: Critical review of published case series, cross-sectional, case-control and cohort studies and clinical trials
Main Purpose: To understand association between asthma and dental caries
Key Points: There is no strong evidence suggesting a causal link between caries and asthma.
· A systematic review was conducted by two oral epidemiologists; the selection criteria required that an article describe a clinical, epidemiologic, microbial or survey investigation of dental caries in relation to asthma-related disease presentation.
· The search yielded 27separate studies. The search found that a variety of methods was used to seek a relationship between asthma and the incidence of caries. According to the authors, 13 of the studies found a positive association between asthma and the incidence of caries, 13 found a negative association between asthma and the incidence of caries, and two of the studies were ambiguous.
 ·  The strongest methodological designs were more likely to reveal little support for a positive association
·  The authors found no strong evidence suggesting that a causal link exists
·  Future research incorporating better-defined covariates and longitudinal designs is needed
·  Asthma per se may not be a risk factor for caries
·  Patients who have extreme dryness of the mouth, whose use of nebulizers is persistent, whose consumption of carbohydrates is frequent, and who have used multiple medications or have used medications over the long term necessitate cautious dental health care
Assessment of Article
·   Level of Evidence: Level III-A – systematic review of descriptive and qualitative studies

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