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Prediction of Tooth Emergence

Resident’s Name:            Carol Caudill                                                                       Date: 11/1/2017
Article Title: Prediction of Tooth Emergence
Author(s): Anna-Marie Gron
Journal: Journal of Dental Research
Date: 1962
Major Topic: Growth and Development
Type of Article: cross-sectional study
Main Purpose: To look at the association between root formation and skeletal age at the actual time of tooth emergence
Key Points: (2 lines Max): Teeth usually emerge during the three-quarter root stage

·      The timing of orthodontic treatment often depends on eruption of permanent teeth; however, it is hard to tell for individuals when teeth are going to erupt.

Materials and Methods

·      Study included 874 Caucasian children from Boston. Selection was based on children who had a newly emerging tooth. The children did not have crowding and did not lose the primary teeth prematurely.
·      Radiographs were taken of the left hand and wrist and of the emerging tooth and the tooth on the other side of the mouth
·      Tooth formation was rated as one-quarter, one-half, three-quarters, or full root length.

Results and Discussion

·      Sex differences for emergence of teeth was smallest for the permanent mandibular first molar and largest for the canines
·      Differences, never exceeding more than one stage, in the amount of root formation between corresponding teeth on the right and left sides, occurred in only 4% of all children studied
·      The majority of all teeth studied had attained approximately three-quarters of their roots at the time of clinical emergence
·      The mandibular first molar and central incisor had generally less root development at emergence than any of the other teeth with about half of their root formed.
·      The emerging permanent teeth of males and female did not differ statistically in the amount of root development.
·      As chronological age increases, there is increased root development
·      Skeletal development is not closely associated with tooth eruption
·      Tooth emergence appears to be more closely associated with the stage of root formation than with the chronologic or skeletal age of the child

Assessment of Article:  Level of Evidence/Comments: Level II

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