Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Treatment of a Large Dentigerous Cyst in a Child

Resident Name: Sadler
Article Info: Treatment of a Large Dentigerous Cyst in a Child

Rafaela Scariot DDS et al

Journal of Dentistry for Children-78:2,2011

Main Purpose: Case report of treatment of a dentigerous cyst in an 11 year old boy

Key Points:

· Dentigerous cyst encloses the crown of an unerupted tooth and is generally attached to the tooth’s neck

· They most commonly occur in teenagers and it is believed they arise from the tooth follicle

· 11 year old boy was referred to OMFS in Curitiba, Brazil.

· Med history was non contributory and no pain was reported

· Facial asymmetry was noted due to fluctuant swelling of right side of the face

· Pano taken and shows 6mm radiolucency including the crowns of an unerupted canine, lateral, and central.

· Permanent lateral was 90 degress to occlusal

· Local anesthesia was given and needle aspiration was performed and a drain was sutured in place

· The cyst shrank but did not disappear and teeth moved but did not erupt.

· Remaining cyst was removed along with problematic teeth under GA

· 2 years following the procedure the cyst has not recurred and the patient is symptom free

· He was made a RPD and has a treatment plan for dental implants.

Assessment of Article: Very good article and description. The authors suggest that treatment for these cysts should include drainage and decompression to shrink the cyst away from vital structures and make for a less dramatic resection. Research cited states that shrinkage occurs at an average of 81% which is pretty dramatic. Like we talked about last time it is always important for us to carefully examine our panos to make sure that we catch these cysts in growing teenagers.

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